As Ethereum and Bitcoin are stuck at saturation points, cheaper transaction costs at Litecoin may serve as a better alternative for developers. Jay Milla from the Litecoin Foundation thinks that OmniLite is a great 10-year anniversary milestone for the Foundation. Users can now build digital assets on the world’s most economical, secure and trustworthy Blockchain network, according to Milla. In a tweet, the Foundation announced that OmniLite would be a decentralized platform where users can create assets and tokens on the Litecoin Blockchain. Litecoin is a proof of work cryptocurrency, which means it is mineable.
However, LTC is still one of the major cryptocurrencies in market capitalization and trading volume. Because of this, Litecoin is regarded as a very liquid asset, and a fraction of the 4,000 cryptocurrencies on the market are capable of claiming this. Although Litecoin has been hailed as a new kind of money, investors are the driving force behind its price gains. Investors will also consider the company’s market capitalization when determining whether to purchase or sell. Even if many say that Litecoin has numerous advantages over bitcoin as a payment method, this assertion will remain unfounded until companies worldwide adopt it. As a result, if a large corporation adopts cryptocurrency, its value might rise.


It offers users the ability to fund their account with Litecoin and other supported cryptocurrencies for immediate, frictionless spending. The Litecoin Card is the most efficient way to make a purchase with Litecoin. MWEB, Litecoin’s fungibility and confidentiality-increasing upgrade, has officially been running on Litecoin for over two weeks now. Over a thousand coins have been opted into/out of the extension block and thus far has been working flawlessly. The activation also went smooth thanks to the majority of miners in the Litecoin community agreeing to this upgrade by signaling in favor of its addition. And since all of OmniLite’s transactions will be recorded on Litecoin, the blockchain would need to address those issues of scalability. Christie Harkin is CoinDesk’s managing editor of technology. She holds some bitcoin and non-material amounts of other crypto tokens. Bitcoin price over the past couple of days has displayed immense strength that enabled the price to surge beyond $23,000 during the early trading hours. The crypto market cap after a pretty long wait has regained its lost levels above $1 trillion as the Bitcoin market cap approaches $500 billion and Ethereum…

The opportunity to create digital assets over the Litecoin network is a smart move. But to afford it, Litecoin proved its worthiness by enduring 10 years in the market, offering 100% network uptime and charging minimal transaction fee. Litecoin has long been a popular choice among crypto investors and since LTC was added to PayPal and Venmo in 2021, people are discovering the cryptocurrency even more. This greater accessibility for Litecoin could potentially attract casual users to discover and use blockchain and cryptocurrencies to send and receive money. All digital assets created via OmniLite benefit from the Litecoin network’s attributes, technology and security.

Vitalik Buterin says that Ethereum Merge testing is almost complete

A day before the law came into effect, El Salvador purchased its first 200 BTC and purchased 150 more BTC following its recent price drop. From a technical perspective, Bitcoin briefly dipped below the 200-day moving average on the daily chart and found support just above the €37,400 level. Ethereum followed Bitcoin and dropped from the €3,400 level to under €2,600, but stayed above the 200 MA support level. The sell-off damaged the lower time frame chart a bit, but did not change anything yet on a higher timeframe where the market sentiment is still bullish. It’s worth mentioning that the market often recovers very fast after such events as we saw back in March and May. I love the interface and graphical depiction of mempool space. I’d love it if someone of this community initiates a fork for the site, for litecoin. The technical storage or access is required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes. In 2021, it introduced OmniLite, a secondary layer for token issuance, including the creation of NFTs.

  • Article Highlights CEL price surged notably in the past couple of hours with significant growth in the buying pressure The attempt for the short-squeeze…
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  • While other networks like Bitcoin and Ethereum suffer from saturation issues, developers may want to take advantage of the significantly cheaper transaction costs and security Litecoin offers.
  • They offer platforms to support smart contract development and token creation.
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The technical storage or access that is used exclusively for anonymous statistical purposes. But with the right cryptocurrencies, even novices or small investors can get a small slice of a very expensive pie. With Uniglo, investors can indirectly own NFTs to maximize the appreciable nature of high-end items that have real value. The NFT market has seen so much excitement over the past year. NFTs have made their way into the investment portfolios of big names in technology, music, sports, art and Hollywood. Even socialite and businesswoman Paris Hilton has released a collection of expensive NFTs, aiming to become the “Queen of the Metaverse”. One of his first NFTs called “Iconic Crypto Queen” sold for over $1 million.

This is the year for Litecoin to make a comeback

In May, Shiba Inu and blockchain platform Block Forest also announced that they were collaborating on the development of a series of NFTs to commemorate the 2022 FIFA World Cup. NameCoinNews, being a News Publication Media that provides fresh and authentic updates of the crypto world, contributes to quite an extent by enlightening layman regarding the same. NameCoinNews operates efficiently in order to bring out high-quality, unbiased and well-analyzed content to readers. With this, it offers the latest news, price analysis and interviews to the crypto believers. Litecoin is currently stable, but the uptrend is solid, reading from the performance in the daily chart. In some cases, NFT owners can use the loans to exchange cryptocurrencies or fiat currency…

Litecoin Network launches ‘OmniLite’ to facilitate token and NFT creation – CryptoSlate

Litecoin Network launches ‘OmniLite’ to facilitate token and NFT creation.

Posted: Wed, 08 Sep 2021 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Keeping up with the market trend, Litecoin foundation announced the launch of Omnilite, a layer-2 NFT marketplace that would allow traders to mint NFTs using smart contracts. The launch comes at a crucial juncture when the NFT hype is at its highest and many age-old digital collectibles are fetching millions. By launching a layer-2 NFT solution, traders could utilize Litecoin’s privacy and low fees to mint a new range of million-dollar NFT collections. Most NFT marketplaces accept only eth tokens as payment because these collectibles are Ethereum-based tokens. If you already have an account with a cryptocurrency exchange, you can purchase Ethereum and send the cryptocurrency to your MetaMask wallet. In other words, by using MWEB, a cashier at a store does not have the ability to see how many coins you hold in your address after paying for an item. This is the equivalent of a cashier not being able to see how much money you have in your bank account after paying with your debit card. Also, people other than yourself and the cashier cannot see how much you’re spending.

Litecoin is a peer-to-peer Internet currency that enables instant, near-zero cost payments to anyone in the world. This open-source global payment network is fully decentralised, without central authorities or intermediaries. Mathematics secures the network and empowers individuals to control their finances. As our LTC price forecast shows, Litecoin is basically expected to appreciate in the next eight years or so until 2030. But there are still some problems that investors should pay attention to. In 2023, the halving of Litecoin will lead to the reduction of newly cast LTC, which will affect supply and cause scarcity. Read more about usaa wire transfer number here. According to our short-term LTC price forecast, the Litecoin will be worth $234.10 at the beginning of 2023. After rounding, the annual average value will be $328.46 and $505.18 at the end of the year.
litecoin omnilite
Litecoin is considered one of the oldest altcoins and is a prime example of this pursuit of innovation. It’s clear that Litecoin’s ascent to popularity in the crypto market is due to a combination of the causes listed above; it’s hardly surprising that the value of LTC coins is increasing. Litecoin’s value has almost halved from its high in May, but investors may still expect a near-tripling of their initial investment. Litecoin may be an option for crypto investors looking for large, reliable tokens. Using Litecoin, a cryptocurrency, payments are almost fast and affordable. Like other cryptocurrencies, peer-to-peer networks like Bitcoin enable users to transfer funds without needing third intermediaries. Whereas most cryptocurrencies have failed over time , Litecoin and Bitcoin have broken the 10-year mark. It likely makes more sense for developers to build on top of lasting blockchain’s if the work they’re building is also desired to be long-lasting. When building on top of other unsteady and unproven protocols, one must accept the risk of countless hours of work facing collapse (e.g. Luna crash).

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There have been several competing projects to the second-largest altcoin that have claimed to be Ethereum killers, however, none have been successful as yet. It will be too soon to dismiss what OmniLite strives to achieve, since the issues of gas fees and congestion remain a problem. While the Etheruem team works to solve them, Litecoin is trying to expand its offerings and engage the market with its new platform. It can also facilitate the issuance of stablecoins like USDT on its network. “With Litecoin being 10 years old, it’s great to see the development team making great strides. Now anyone can build and use the most secure, reliable, and economical blockchains ever created, ”said Jay Milla of the Litecoin Foundation. With Litecoin’s minimal fees, decades of persistence, and 100 percent network availability, the chances of building assets in the Litecoin ecosystem are only a matter of time.

Meet the new leading faces of the NFT world – The Week

Meet the new leading faces of the NFT world.

Posted: Fri, 08 Jul 2022 16:47:41 GMT [source]

It’s interesting to see the fight for new crypto innovations, and it’s a race to be the first to provide value to customers. Improving transaction speeds, reducing costs, and becoming more ecologically friendly are some of the developers’ goals . Buy Litecoin directly in Litewallet and get the deposit within minutes. MWEB is the largest upgrade to the Litecoin network ever, promising to provide fungibility for all, while improving Litecoin’s scalability. David Burkett, the lead developer behind Litecoin’s Mimblewimble Extension Block upgrade, spent more than two years working on it. Our newsletter comes out monthly, with special giveaways, announcements on partnerships and development, and exclusive Litecoin news. A roundup of the week’s most valuable crypto stories for Saturday, July 23, 2022.

After the car maker sold 75% of its bitcoin, Twitter piled on the company for losing money on the sale even though it didn’t. Currently, OmniLite supports a wallet mode via Litecoin Omni and is available for Windows, Linux and MacOS. 35 BTC were traded in Venezuela last week only measured using LocalBitcoin. Article Highlights CEL price surged notably in the past couple of hours with significant growth in the buying pressure The attempt for the short-squeeze… Bitcoin, Ethereum, Polygon, etc and many more have made a huge move toward the north after an intensified upward trajectory kicked off last weekend. LUNC price & USTC price is surging in 2-digit & 3-digit figure resp from more than 2 days signalling a strong recovery phase.

Cryptocurrency is a form of virtual currency that is commonly used to buy, sell, and trade NFTs on the blockchain. They allow us to calculate the value of NFTs in fiat money and their returns over time. Additionally, crypto can be created and utilized by NFT projects to support an NFT’s ecosystem. Thanks to OmniLite, building a layered economy on top of Litecoin has never been this accessible. Litecoin isn’t the fastest digital currency in mega-cap networks, but it’s ideal for moving enormous amounts. This crypto network is four times faster than Bitcoin’s blockchain. While Bitcoin blocks take 10 minutes to produce, Litecoin’s blocks are created in 2.5 minutes. Thankfully, builders have taken notice and as a result, the first NFT marketplace, “LiteVerse” launched on Litecoin recently. Litecoin’s cheap fees will permit users to buy digital artwork and avoid the hefty gas fees that networks such as Ethereum are notorious for.

While OmniLite aimed to compete with the big league coins, the platform currently supports a wallet mode . The growth of the platform will determine its usability for the community and until then all the “Ethereum killing” may have to wait. A very common misunderstanding is that NFTs are a kind of cryptocurrency; however, NFTs are not crypto. NFTs are stored on the blockchain and the cryptocurrencies are stored on the blockchain. Other than that, NFTs and cryptocurrencies are different species. Users of the cryptocurrency can now create non-fungible tokens with the help of OmniLite. LTC has a high degree of volatility compared to more conventional assets, like other cryptocurrencies. For the last four months of 2021 (August May 2021), Litecoin’s price has fluctuated wildly. Negative stories about Litecoin or cryptocurrencies, in general, tend to have a significant impact on its price.